Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Thanks for joining us on this little adventure of a small garage shop and everything around it.

The list of "projects" is growing faster than things are getting done which I suspect is par for the course for a household of 6 and a limit of 24 hours in a day.  I've been asked to literally increase the speed of light ( I do IT work by day ) so why shouldn't I be able to add more hours to the day?  I guess that's for another post...  Rats, another thing on the list.

Anyway, a very brief history and to bring things current.

The shop is in a two car garage in IL and the idea is to be able to alway keep at least one car ( the better half's ) in the garage especially in the winter ( Think everything mobile and the truck gets wet ).  I've been told that winters around here have this thing called "snow" but I have yet to understand what that means coming from WA and GA.  I know rain, well I know mist, but I don't know snow.  We shall see this first winter.  On the plus side, we finally have Thunder Storms again!

Most of the bigger tools were sold when we moved from WA with the idea that we could downsize where needed and upgraded in other places.  We've slowly been picking up deals on Craigslist as they come up and getting things put together.  There will be some more posts later on the individual toys.

Well, I hope you can stick around and we always appreciate the input, ideas, or comments.


--The FAM

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