Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Dust Collector Plays a Joke on Me

Hurricane brought one of her friends over to see the "Dust Thingie" so I felt an obligation to really show it off.  I mean it's the biggest baddest thing in the neighborhood, right??  Don't answer that.

I grabbed the 6" flex and let her feel how much it was drawing and then she turned around and I let it suck up some of her hair.  She squealed, Hurricane squealed ( She had already tried it and thought it was great fun ), the Jig Saw squealed, I shot the Jig Saw ... DANG Decepticons!, and it was a good day.

But during this I was thinking it just wasn't pulling like I had remembered it having done so earlier, but I went on with my business of dropping things on my toes and beating up my fingers.  And YES, there is blood inside one of the pipes, just don't remember which section.

A bit later Tornado comes and wants to cut some wood so we end up on the band saw.  Freshly hooked up to the DC and I'm excited to try it.  Once I found the remote again ( I need a tile for it! ) I fired it up and we got cutting.  As I backed up to let Tornado get closer to the bandsaw ( That sounds way worse than it was ), my flannel shirt ( stop laughing, I'm from WA/GA, it's chilly HERE! ) gets sucked right up into the 6" inlet behind me.

I quickly remembered why the 6" flex wasn't pulling like I expected it to, there was another open 6" inlet where I had the 6 -> 4" transition off to repair it.  Earlier in the day I had managed to drop a section of pipe with a transition connected off the wall hangers and it broke part of it.  I had removed the transition to glue it back together and forgotten it was still off.

Mystery solved.

Just for the record, the Jig Saw is still alive and recovering nicely.  It is a Festool after all.

Seems there is a Union being organized around the shop so I need to watch out for that.  Should be interesting to see which one ends up the leader.

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