Wednesday, October 12, 2016

New Dust Collector

The old dust collector, back in WA, was a 2HP Grizzly with a Super Dust Deputy, 4' of pipe, a blast gate, and a 4" flex hose.  It was mounted to the wall, vented to the outside, and did a pretty nice job, or so I thought.  I would move the hose from tool to tool and use it to clean up the garage.  I only used it maybe 60% of the time.  I also noticed that my allergies would flare up a lot when I was doing a lot of work.

I started doing the research again into what we needed for a good Dust Collector which, once again, led me to the terrific website from Bill Pentz and all the amazing work he put together.  I realized pretty quickly I needed quite a bit more in the suction department.

I ran across a deal on a Laguna 3HP Cyclone on CL and on the trip there to buy it the better half found that Laguna released a brand new line of Cyclones that was basically the same price.  Love that woman!!

I was already checking out Cyclones from OneidaClear Vue, and others.  My father has the Oneida and was happy with it, but I had previously had poor customer experiences with them so ruled them out.  ClearVue was the "golden standard" but seemed to be just outside my price range.

With sales price from Rockler we ended placing an order for the P|Flux:3, 3HP HEPA Cyclone.

A few days later I got a very nice email from Rockler that the Laguna was back ordered but only a week.  A few days later the week turned into another week and then a month and a half.

I realized that by the time I had moved up to the P|Flux 3, I had basically gotten to the price point of the Clear Vue and with a "Really, you are worried about a couple hundred $$ on a $2k cyclone" from the better half, I decided the Clear Vue was the way to go.  It is, from what I could tell, basically the standard out there, and it's CLEAR which gets really cool factor points!

I emailed and then talked to some incredibly nice and wonderful people at Clear Vue and placed the order for the 1800 Bundle.   They answered all my questions and went above and beyond helping me out.  

Less than a week later FedEx dropped a bunch of boxes at my garage door and drove off.  PUNK!  At least ring the door bell!  It was about to start raining!!

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