Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Table Saw Dust Collection is Plumbed

While sharks are normally water breathing, the Shark that lives in our shop needs a nice supply of O2 to make sure it maintains a healthy diet of fiber, aka wood.  And since the shark is friends with the router table, router fence, and table saw, I figured it was best to work out a way for them all to share between themselves and talk to Mr. Sucker himself.

I ordered the Shark with a 4" port on its back, the table saw has a 4" port in its belly, the router table collection box has a 4" port in its belly, and the router fence has an itty bitty 2.5" port on it's, umm, right arm?

We have a 6" line from the wall into a ClearVue 6" to 4" transition, then 4" to the table saw, 4" to a Wye which feeds the router table collection box.  The other 4" goes up into a boom, splits out to a 2.5" for the router fence, and then finally ends up at the Shark.

There is a blast gate before the router collection box, the router fence, and the Shark.  I still need one for the table saw belly but I'm going to probably wait for the table saw mobile base before I add it.

Right now, everything is just held up by the flex hoses and leaned up against the table saw fence rail.  I'm concerned about what will happen when I move it but we will see.  It's only temporary.

Part of the issue is that there are not "standard" sizes and things fit loose here, or tight there, or even not at all so I did a few connections in just flex hose.  PVC under heat is your friend!

Here are some pictures of the progress.

The Incra TS LS system is in table saw mode.  The black 2.5" hose is just loose.  Metal 4" blast gate is open to the Shark.

In Router Mode.  2.5" black hose is connected to the fence and blast gate is open.

Back of the table saw.  The blue tape is only temporary because that joint is loose.

In total, there is just under 10' of 4" Sewer and Drain pipe in this section.

Initial testing of the table saw left Zero dust on the table and Zero flying back at me.  Very happy with the setup so far.  The verdict is still out on the Shark but maybe I'll do something on that separately after I use it for a while.

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