Friday, February 17, 2017

How well is the Suck-O-Master actually Sucking?

I added a couple of gauges and a amp meter to the Suck-O-Master to monitor how it is performing over time.

It is doing really well but I think if I seal up some of the pipes better things will improve even more.

 I made a panel on the CNC to hold the gauges and meter. It was the first official project done on the CNC and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.  The Intake gauge is connected to a brass fitting that is screwed into the 6" PVC right in front of the intake for the dust collector.  The exhaust is connected to a brass fitting that is screwed into the transition between the blower housing and the filters.

It took me a few minutes to figure out why the exhaust gauge is registering 0 while running.  The filters are still CLEAN!  When they start to plug up the needle will rise and I will need to clean them.

The amp meter is wired into the ClearVue Motor control box with the transformer going around one leg of the 220v going to the motor and power being provided is connected to the motor side of the relay.  The meter only turns on when the Cyclone is turned on.

Everything is off:

Here all of the blast gates are closed:

Here a single 4" blast gate is open off one of the ClearVue 6" to 4" transitions:

And finally with only the 6" floor sweep blast gate open:
I'm really happy with how it turned out except that the glass on the gauges is very reflective and catches the shop lights making it hard to see the needle.  I may move it to a better location to help with the glare.

Intake gauge was purchased off ebay.  Dwyer 2-5020
Exhaust gauge was also purchased off ebay.  Dwyer 2-5005
Amp meter was from Amazon:  Meter

Monday, February 6, 2017

The BED, The BED, The BED!

It took a while, it took several new tools, and it took fighting with a teen alien, but in the end, the bed finally came together.

From being tight against the wall to using a tie down strap to compress the support struts, the install, or re-install, took way more work than expected.  At one point I was under the bed lifting it up ( think reverse push up ) while the better half, an alien, and I juggled it around to get the base on the pins.  

The bed is bolted to the wall, is square, is level, and even opens and closes well.

What more could an alien ask for?

The picture was taken and sold by a friend of the family's.