Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Festool Metal should be a traded commodity

The guides for the tracksaw are held together with connectors and I needed them so I went looking.

$18 from my old friend Amazon.  Oh, but WAIT, you need TWO of those little buggers.  At least they are prime so free shipping.  But still!

So, in my typical fashion, I figure this is a rip off and how can I save some money?

I am lucky enough to know some people with some "toys" that play in the metal arena.  Buddy thinks it would be about $10 to make a pair out of normal steel not this crazy Festoolamium.  They are a standard size plus four threaded holes and four set screws.  I want to paint them BRIGHT colors so they don't get lost, but I'm guessing they will end up being used in the next edition of Cops and Screaming girls with bright metal short swords...

More when he gets some time to make me a set but in the meantime "Dear...."

I can still see the shore of Reality from Festool-Land but it is shrinking.

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