Saturday, November 4, 2017

Table Maintenance

We purchased a really nice outdoor patio set ( Ipe ) this year with the knowledge that we would have to do routine cleaning and maintenance.

Unfortunately the sales person, who seemed like he was knowledgeable, sold us some sealer and said we should sand the top before applying the sealer and it would keep the beautiful color.

We did one round of sanding/sealing and realized immediately the sales guy was wrong.  The oil ended up coming out and it sped up the graying affect.

The sealer, as it turns out, is to go on after the oil and keeps the wood from getting water spots, rings, etc.

The Ipe oil needs a good 24/48hr to dry with no rain so trying to find a time to re-sand and oil the furniture while keeping it dry remained a problem the rest of the season.  Finally, after cleaning out a lot of other projects in the garage, we moved the table into the garage and I started sanding.

Here are some before, during, and after pics.  Some of the pieces of the table are just gorgeous.

Starting the sanding.  60grit, then 120, and 180.

Sanding with 120grit done.  Finished with 180grit.

Getting ready to spread the oil with a roller.

Ipe oil all applied.
After 45min we wiped off the excess.

Beautiful grain
Some more beautiful grain

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