Monday, October 30, 2017

Ever milked a rattlesnake?

The Festool Domino has been on the wishlist for a long time, a really long time, but as everyone knows the price is a little steep.  By the time you get even the smaller version, in the set, with the accessory bundle, you are upwards of a ratty ole car, or horse, or maybe a truck to pull the horse.

First thing you have to do is test out the new toy, oops, I mean tool, right?  As it turned out, Tornado had previously broken his sword that we had made that was just wood glued together.  I had been holding off just glueing it again knowing it would end up breaking again and I had visions of it being over Hurricane's head.

A few test cuts with the Domino, wait, who am I kidding, test cuts, practice, please...  Jumped right into using it and well lets just say it isn't as perfectly in the center as I might like.  Luckily kids don't care that much and I learned a bit.

It's a bit like milking a rattlesnake.  You'd bess hold on or something other than what you want is going to get bit.

Part way through Tornado decided he wanted it painted and I was left with trying to figure out how to hold it and let him paint it.  Yea, you can also imagine my hands and arms all silver and black from him learning how to spray paint and me holding it.

And then it hits me, why not use my brand new tool, who are we kidding, toy, solve that problem too!  Dry fit a couple dominos in, drilled a couple holds, and presto perfect hanging points.
Domino to the rescue.

Blade and Handle hanging by their dominos, painted and drying.

Love this tool and can't wait to find more neat uses for it.

 Anyone ever seen a Tornado chase a Hurricane through the house wielding a sword?

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