Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Keeping a list

As I work with more and more companies and their products I thought it would be handy to start keeping a list of the great ones that I can easily recommend to other people.

  • Woodcraft of New Berlin, WI
    • Can't say enough about Chris the owner.  He has bent over backwards for me many times and always has my best interest at heart.
  • Clearvue Cyclones
    • Fantastic Dust Collector and cyclone.
      • Still going strong with no issues after a couple years.
      • Nothing has collected in the filter clean out yet after multiple bins full of dust.  Now that's efficient.
    • Absolutely terrific customer support before, during, and after the sale.  2 years later I can still email them with questions and get immediate responses.
    • Cyclone was ordered and arrived within a week.  They even added other parts that I ordered like transitions to boxes to save shipping costs.
  • CNC Router Parts
    • Their CNC's are definitely a step ahead of most others.  
    • Can not say how pleased I am with their Pro CNC.  From fit and finish to strength to precision it is a work of art.
    • Terrific customer support from before the sale to after.
    • I feel sorry for the poor UPS guy for sure.
  • Paint Sprayers Plus 
    • Terrific company and customer support.
    • Jason spent a lot of time with me on the phone helping me decide on an HVLP system and gave me a lot of tips and tricks.
    • Order was placed and arrived in a couple of days.
  • Festool Products / ToolNut 
    • Very fast shipping and a great product assortment.
    • Customer support is terrific
  • Sawstop
    • Great saw.
    • Great customer service the once I have called them.
  • Incra
    • The TS-LS system ( Table saw and router fence ) is in a class all it's own.  Unbelievable precision.
    • The Incra router lift is wonderful.  So smooth and easy to adjust.
    • Fantastic customer support every single time I have contacted them.  From asking about buying a few more mounting bolts to how to get things set up.
  • Woodpecker
    • Wonderful precision tools.  
    • I have various straight edges, angles, and markers.
    • I love the cases their products come in which hold the tools securely and are nice to mount on the wall.
  • Nova
    • I have the Nova Voyager Drill press and love it.
    • Customer support bent over backwards to help me with a firmware issue.

I think that's about it for now.  As I remember more or run across more great companies I will update this post.

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