Sunday, December 31, 2017

New Addition to the Dust Collection Setup

The better half got me the Sawstop Over-Arm Dust Collection Assembly.

There are a few goals for having it installed so that it would work with all of the other systems.
  • Be easily lowered down against the saw to reduce the height so it can easily fit under the new Miter Saw station.
  • Be easily moved out of the way so the right side router table can be used.
  • Do a good job collecting the dust off the top of the cuts.
Since we also have the Incra TS/LS system it took a little modification of the mounts to get them to work.

The bolts that came in the kit weren't big enough to work in the Incra Rails so we used some bolts that we had in the shop.  Unfortunately that meant drilling out the hole in the mount a little bit.
The Nova Drill Press did a great job as usual.

A couple of bolts, lock washers, and flat washers are holding the mounts securely.

The tubes are set in the holders so they stick out from the edge just a little.

The instructions have the long tube on top with the short flex hose, but in the end we went with the opposite.  The short tube with the long flex hose on top and the long tube with short flex hose on the bottom.  The adapter, while not a wye, seems to do a decent job of pulling air into the setup.

The tubes easily rotate in the holders after tightening them just a little.  This lets the saw still easily fit under the miter saw station.

And the whole setup easily rotates all the way down allowing full access to the right side router table setup.

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